Frequently Asked Questions

What does assisted living mean?

Assisted Living is best for people who need some help with certain everyday tasks such as getting dressed, bathing, meal time and taking medications and may also have specific care plans to address fall risk, poor nutrition or other individualized needs. Because assisted living needs are diverse and vary from resident to resident, each person has his or her own individualized plan which details their care needs and preferences.

How do I know if Serenity Living Solutions can meet my care needs?

Serenity Living Solutions communities have a licensed nurse on staff who performs an assessment on potential residents to determine if we are the right fit. To learn more or schedule an assessment, contact a Serenity Living Solutions near you.

What financial options are available?

For those indivuals who cannot self-pay, all Serenity Living Solutions communities accept State and County assistance programs such a Elderly Waiver (EW), CADI, and BI waiver programs. Housing Support (formerly GRH) is also accepted. Some Long-Term Care insurance policies may also cover part or all of the costs for assisted living care.

What is included in the costs?

Our rate includes rent and assistance with activities of daily living based on your individual assessment. Nursing oversight with medical needs, three nutritious meals a day, housekeeping, laundry services, utilities and all of our in-house activities are also included.

Can I bring my own furnishings to my apartment?

Absolutely. This is your home, and you should have all the comforts and furnishings you enjoy. Serenity Living Solutions encourages residents to decorate their rooms and doors by adding their own personal touches to their homes.

What if I have a medical emergency?

Staff members are on-site 24 hours a day to respond and offer immediate assistance and call emergency services if needed. Access to a Registered Nurse is available 24 hours a day for all residents.

What kind of activities and events are offered?

When you move into Serenity Living Solutions staff takes the time to get to know you and your interests. Our activities vary by community and are specially designed to offer opportunities for socialization, creativity and exercise.

Do you offer any short-term stays?

Yes, we do offer short-term stays. A short-term or respite stay is a convenient option when planned or unforeseen circumstances occur such as a family vacation or recovery from an illness. Guests can receive assistance during an illness or rehabilitation after a hospital visit.

How’s the food at Serenity Living Solutions?

Serenity Living Solutions residents dine with their neighbors, and choose from delicious menu options created and prepared by staff. Many special dietary requirements are easily accommodated.

Will I have privacy at Serenity Living Solutions?

Yes. People who live at Serenity Living Solutions can enjoy the warm company of friends and neighbors when they want to, and relax in the privacy of their own rooms whenever they prefer.

How do I arrange a visit?

To set up a tour, simply call your nearest Serenity Living Solutions community

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