About Us

Serenity Living Solutions has three assisted living locations in North Central Minnesota providing housing and care options to seniors in their community. Serenity Living Solutions' focus is to serve individuals in small, rural communities which allow people to stay residing in the communities they already call home. Our commitment to deliver superior service is promoted by quality care and services that nurtures the spirit, protects privacy, enables freedom of choice, preserves dignity, and involves family and friends. We believe in the continuous pursuit of excellence in delivering the highest quality services possible.

Our Mission

We believe in a team approach to caring for our seniors where all have a sense of ownership, and through mutual trust and respect we can shine together.

Our Values

Team approach — We believe in a team approach. We are all in this together.
Trust — We believe in open and honest communication.
Ownership — We strive for quality care and to make a difference in the lives of those we care for.
Respect — We believe in treating each other with dignity and respect.
Shine — We celebrate our successes with a smile and remember to bring laughter to our day.

Our Locations

Managed by Five Pines Senior Solutions#

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